The Leave

Natural Meat Tenderizer

Having fall-off-the-bone meat could never been this simple! Our meat tenderizer is packed with premium ingredients that contain natural enzyme. Sprinkle the powder evenly over the meat, and let it penetrate for a few minutes before cooking. No preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

Italian Herbs

A blend of all the aforementioned herbs and spices. It’s savory, earthy, and (very subtly) sweet.

Five Spices Powder

Our Ngohiong Seasoning is a perfect blend of five high-quality Chinese spices! Simply add some to the cooking and taste all the delicious, authentic flavor. We made it time-saving and all-natural. No preservatives, no artificial colours, and no artificial flavours.

Marinade Seasoning

Our marinade features just the right balance of acid, fat, and seasonings. Let the meat sit for a while, soak up all the flavors from the mix. Then voilà—taste restaurant-worthy meals everyday, fast and easy. No preservatives, no artificial colour's, and no artificial flavors.