Marinade Seasoning

Our marinade features just the right balance of acid, fat, and seasonings. Let the meat sit for a while, soak up all the flavors from the mix. Then voilà—taste restaurant-worthy meals everyday, fast and easy. No preservatives, no artificial colour's, and no artificial flavors.

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Product Type Mixed Spices
Texture Smooth and dry
Performance Powder with homogeneous smoothness
Colour Red Orange
Taste & aroma Typical of marianade and aromatic scent
Moisture content Less than 12%
Ingredients Chili powder, Bell Pepper, Garlic Powder, Chicken Curry Seasoning, Salt, Basil Powder, Sugar
Recommended applications As a spice or complamentary ingredients
Cuisine Assorted processed meat and chicken
Handling / Storage At the room temperature (max.30 °C), tightly closed, avoid direct sunlight

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