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PT. Ganesha Abaditama’s Networking Experience at the SMU-ELT Programme

In a spirit of gratitude, PT. Ganesha Abaditama extends heartfelt thanks to the Dinas PPKUKM DKI Jakarta for the gracious invitation to the Networking and Speed Dating event held as part of the SMU-Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) Programme. This initiative brought together diverse entrepreneurs and business leaders for an enriching experience that transcended boundaries and fostered collaboration.

The event was a delightful occasion, offering a platform for professionals from various industries to connect, collaborate, and share insights. PT. Ganesha Abaditama had the privilege of engaging with peers who hailed from different business backgrounds, creating a vibrant atmosphere conducive to learning and exchanging valuable information.

The Networking and Speed Dating session provided a unique opportunity for participants to establish meaningful connections. In a dynamic environment, entrepreneurs and leaders had the chance to interact on a personal level, allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences. This face-to-face engagement not only facilitated the building of professional relationships but also contributed to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the business landscape.

The diversity of businesses represented at the event added to the richness of the experience. Entrepreneurs shared their journeys, successes, and even setbacks, creating a tapestry of stories that resonated with everyone present. This exchange of knowledge was not only enlightening but also served as a reminder of the strength that lies in unity and collaboration.

Beyond the formalities of networking, the event fostered an environment where participants could share their expertise and insights freely. Discussions ranged from industry trends to innovative business strategies, creating a melting pot of ideas that had the potential to inspire and propel businesses to new heights.

PT. Ganesha Abaditama extends its sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be part of this experience and eagerly anticipates future engagements that contribute to the collective growth of the business ecosystem.

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